ExSite Webware can automatically build context-sensitive menus for your pages.  The advantage of using automated menu-builders is that your menus automatically expand and contract as pages are added and removed from your site.  By default, menus are assembled using the SimpleMenu application, which can generate menus in several formats.

On the left side of this page, you can see the vertical menu format, which displays top-level pages in a vertical listing, with one level of submenu displayed when you are currently in that branch of the site map.  The plug-in allows you to define special HTML to place between menu items, to get special divider graphics or other effects.  It also marks the current page, and the parent page, so you can highlight them using CSS as well (as you can see here).

To view all pages in the site, layed out into a site map, use the sitemap menu format:

You can also show path (or cookie-crumb) menus showing your current position in the site:

Home > CMS > Menus

You can also make horizontal format menus, as shown above in the menubar.  Vertical format menus are also possible, if you would rather put your menus in a sidebar:



ExSite also has alternative menu-generating plug-ins that produce dynamic drop-down and cascading menus.