Content Management System(s)

Content Management encompasses many features, including:
  1. updating regular text information on web pages
  2. uploading new images and graphics
  3. modifying site designs and stylesheets
  4. changing or customizing page layouts
  5. updating database content
  6. controlling which users are permitted to update content
  7. allowing members of the public to contribute content
  8. archiving and restoring previous versions of content
  9. managing dynamic content web applications
  10. making content easy to find through searches and site navigation tools
ExSite Webware has all of these content management features, and more.  In fact, ExSite Webware is more than a content management system -- in ExSite, the Content Management component is just a plug-in web application like any other.  That means that if you don't like one CMS tool, you can always choose another.  Or, use different ones depending on the task you are performing.  (If you are hard-core, you can even create your own CMS!)

The Content Management submenu shows you some other aspects of ExSite's basic content editing tools that may be of interest.