What is ExSite Webware?

ExSite Webware is a framework for managing your web content and applications.  What this means, specifically, depends on who you are.

1. Regular Web Site Owners

ExSite Webware is a system that allows a user to easily create and manage websites through a web-based interface. Your website can be very simple (a brochure site, with a few static pages), or very complex (running numerous database-driven web applications, with various levels of access to its features). Or, it can start simple, and slowly migrate to complex as you need to add more advanced features.

2. Non-profit Organizations

ExSite Webware also allows you to manage your organization's membership, providing them with access to private member-only areas, giving them tools to communicate with each other, and giving the organization leaders tools to communicate to the members by web or email.

3. Online Communities

Build an online community with forums, blogs, member directories, photo and document sharing, open event calendars, and other features that allow the community to build its own website by providing content.  ExSite Webware helps you manage and moderate user input, and grant access to your community contributors.

4. ASPs

Application Service Providers offer their software applications to their customers through a web-based  interface.  ExSite Webware provides numerous powerful tools to ASPs, such as:
  • push a common set of online services to any number of private-branded web sites
  • pre-built websites and site maps to initialize new sites with
  • pre-configured graphic designs
  • site content, appearance, and navigation are completely customizable
If you are an ASP or large organization that may need to produce numerous web sites over time, bear in mind that ExsiteWebware.com is demonstrating not just how simple it is to do basic web site management, but how simple it is to deploy a system that spins off private-branded web sites for offering any kind of online service.