Templates & Layout

This page has a complete different layout and appearance than the rest of this site.  ExSite allows you to configure any number of grpahic designs and layouts, and apply them where ever you like.

With many simple templating systems, all you can do is sandwich a block of content between a header and a footer.  With ExSite templates, you can define any number of content objects and place them anywhere on the page.  For example, in addition to the main page body (which you are currently reading), this page also defines several other content objects:
  • The site logo, which we have replaced on this page only with a cute dog.
  • The sidebar, which we we have replaced on this page with some Lorem Ipsum text.
  • Two special content boxes, shown below.
  • A custom page footer, at the bottom.
Each of these content elements is completely separate from the others, and can be updated independently.  Depending on how the content is configured, it can be shared with other pages, or even with other web sites.