Plug-ins are web applets or applications that can be embedded into a page, similarly to an image.  However, when viewed, the web application will expand into a full block of content, including text, links, graphics, and forms.

The plug-in handles all of its own processing, so if the plug-in generates interactive elements like links or forms, it does all the work of figuring out where the links go to, and how to process the form data.  The web site editor does not have to worry about bad links, or how to update the code for form processing.  Simply drop the plug-in into the page, and let ExSite take care of the rest.

There are many standard plug-ins available to perform a variety of common website tasks, including but not limited to:
  • BannerAd (manage your advertisements and advertiser accounts)
  • Calendar (event calendar)
  • Catalog (browsable product catalog)
  • Classified (community-posted classified ads)
  • DMenu (dynamic drop-down menus)
  • Document (display downloadable files and documents)
  • Ecommerce (interface to an E-commerce gateway for secure online payments)
  • Email (blast announcements to your membership list)
  • Feedback (accept comments from your website readers)
  • Gallery (display a photo album as a thumbnail gallery)
  • Google (Google search form)
  • GoogleMaps (Google Maps API)
  • ImageRotate (display a photo album as an automatic slideshow)
  • MailTo (hide mailto: URLs from spambots)
  • Member (manage your website users)
  • Membership (manage the memberships in your organization)
  • MySite (simplified content management)
  • News (display and manage your news and announcements)
  • PhotoAlbum (manage your image uploads, thumbnails, and captions)
  • PhotoForum (user-contributed photos)
  • PrintFriendly (convert any page to a simple, printer-friendly format)
  • Questionnaire (advanced, multilingual surveys)
  • Search (built-in search system)
  • SimpleMenu (generates simple HTML site menus in various formats)
  • SimpleRegistration (simple, non-ecommerce registration forms)
  • SlideShow (displays an image library as a slide show)
  • StripGallery (displays an image library as a thumbnail strip and preview window)
  • Survey (multi-purpose forms for collecting data online)
  • TellAFriend (send a URL to a friend)
  • VersionMenu (toggle between the various languages that a page is available in)
  • WebDir (build and display a directory of web links, organized by topic)
  • Website Manager (advanced content management)
The plug-ins that can be seen on this demo site are hotlinked.