Image Handling in ExSite Webware

To manage your images and graphics using ExSite's content management system, you will first upload your graphics files into one or more image libraries. (Libraries are like folders for holding and organizing re-useable files, such as images and documents.)

Using ExSite's HTML editor, you can insert images anywhere into your pages you want to place them. They can be placed flush left or right, with text flowing around them (as you see here), or inlined into the regular sequence of paragraphs. You can also re-size images inside the editor, if necessary.

Normal images can be automatically thumbnailed, for use in galleries and previews.  Image-management plug-ins like the Photo Album give you different thumbnail options (eg. normal or square thumbnails) as well as the ability to automatically resize all images to a web-friendly size.

You can also install various optional plug-ins that let you do other useful things with your image libraries, such as display photo albums.

Images are handy not just for decorative purposes, but can also make for useful controls and buttons, simply by adding a link to them: